Frequently Asked Questions

* MyRewardss is one of the loyalty program that lets you earn points for the daily activities you do, like traveling, shopping, dining out, watching movies etc.
* You can earn points by using your MyRewardss app at the time of payment with our participating partners either cash, cheque, credit or debit card.
* Points earned can be redeemed against fabulous rewards from the MyRewardss reward catalogue or at MyRewardss various in-store/retail store partners and online partners.

* MyRewardss is a multi partner rewards program where several merchants have come together to reward the customers for their continued relationship.
* It has a huge network of partners.
* Members can accumulate points at a faster rate irrespective of their payment mode – cash, credit/debit card across all the enrolled partners.
* Accumulated points can be redeemed against an extensive rewards catalogue with a variety of rewards to choose from. The points can also be used as a payment option at many MyRewardss partners.

* A MyRewardss app is your membership identity to the MyRewardss loyalty program
* It uniquely identifies every member with his/her account
* It enables you to earn points from our various partners

Earning MyRewardss points is easy. After you install MyRewardss app on phone:
* Use the MyRewardss app while transacting outlet or visit our online partners to earn points by quoting the MyRewardss unique identity.
* You can make use of our power of multiple benefits by making transaction with different partners from a same source and yet earn points from all of them.

You should register in MyRewardss app registration helps in availing all the benefits of the program. Once registered, you will be able to check your point balance and redeem your MyRewardss points from our website or stores. To register please install app.

You can redeem your MyRewardss points to make payments at our MyRewardss retail store partners who accept redemption at the store Or, you can redeem your MyRewardss points to make payment at our MyRewardss online redemption enabled partners

* View and manage your MyRewardss points online
* View and edit your personal details
* Contact us directly via our Website

Go to Partner search, type location or category or partner name to know the outlets you are looking for. For e.g. Type 'Bangalore' to know local partners in Bangalore.

You can track and manage your MyRewardss points by using app or you can check out on our website.

You can choose rewards from a wide variety of categories from the MyRewardss rewards catalog. Each reward requires a certain number of points available in your account to redeem.. You can choose the reward corresponding to the available points in your account and place the redemption order.

A member may terminate their MyRewardss membership by calling the Contact Center and requesting for termination.

You can update your information through the MyRewardss app or you can update on our site by simply signing in.

No there is no limit for earning the points but there is a minimum limit for redeeming the earned points.

You may call our Contact Center to place your service request and your query will be resolved as soon as possible.

We have unique security techniques to secure your data.